Philippa O’Brien becomes Friend for Life

The Trust who administers the Robert Juniper Award for the Arts is pleased to announce that artist, curator, author and founding Trustee Philippa O’Brien has accepted an invitation to become a Friend For Life of the Trust. Philippa joins fellow founding Trustee Berry Ambrose and Trish Juniper, widow of our long-time Patron Robert Juniper, as the only holders of this distinction.

Philippa was, like Berry, a member of the Trust from its inception as a project to celebrate the Australian Bicentenary in 1988. She remained a Trustee until the end of 2013. During that 25-year span of service, Philippa made an immense contribution to the Trust, particularly in organising the panel of judges who decide the winners of the awards each year.

Herself a respected and prolific artist whose work is well known throughout WA and beyond, Philippa was able to bring a keen and critical artistic perspective to the Trusts’ deliberations that was invaluable. We would like to take this opportunity to thank Philippa for her energy, input and support. Although no longer directly involved in the work of the Trust, as a Life Friend we hope we may still be able to call upon Philippa’s expertise and experience from time to time.

Philippa’s artistic creativity is being honoured this year at the 51st Darlington Arts Festival where she will be the featured Retrospective Artist, first weekend in November at the Darlington Hall.

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