Winning the Robert Juniper Award for the Arts last year has enabled young composer Annika Moses to bring an ambitious concept to life in a new exhibition at the Mundaring Arts Centre.

Annika has collaborated with visual artist Shannon Lyons in the installation, which calls for audience participation and engagement. Visitors wear earphones and move through the gallery, creating their own personal experiences from the interplay between materials and sound. Titled Five Point One and a Piece of Four by Two, the exhibition runs until August 6.

The $9,000 arts Award won by Annika is presented annually by the Mundaring Bicentennial Scholarship Trust, and designed to assist promising young artists develop their talents in any branch of the arts. The money comes from a generous contribution from the Shire of Mundaring supplemented by fund-raising events.

The Robert Juniper Award for the Arts is one of the only awards that isn’t given as a prize for a finished piece (whether that be a painting, music piece or other),’ says Annika.

This means it gives the young creative the opportunity to develop their work, and the financial support to invest in equipment or training that would otherwise be unaffordable. In my case it gave me the financial support needed to meet the costs of putting together an installation at Mundaring Arts Centre and invest in sound recording equipment.’

For any young creatives who are seeking to develop their arts practice, or have an idea that might bring exciting new arts projects to the Mundaring Shire, I encourage you to apply for this scholarship. I am incredibly appreciative of the support that the Mundaring Shire has shown me from the very beginning of my arts career to my very first installation at a gallery.’

Candidates should be under 35 and have a strong connection with the Shire of Mundaring through residence, work or education.

In addition to the Award, a second award, the Bob and Trish Juniper Art Prize of $1,000, is presented by the Trust to the best visual arts candidate, who remains eligible for the main Award.

The deadline for applications for both awards is September 30. Winners are chosen by a panel of judges and will be announced in January 2018.

For more details and to download application forms, visit the Trust website:, or contact Trust Secretary Chris Durrant (phone 9299 6093). Applications forms and explanatory booklets are also available at the Boya and Mundaring Libraries, the Mundaring Shire Offices, Mundaring Arts Centre and local schools.


Read William Yeoman’s article about Annika’s exhibition in The West Australian (Wednesday 12 July 2017) here