Joanna Meredith

2014 - Visual Artist - $1,000

Darlington artist Joanna Meredith has a love of dance and yoga and her portraits capture the body in motion with great energy and movement.  “My art celebrates everything that’s beautiful, colourful and fun in life. I am drawn to the human form and to movement – both of the body and of light. I love dancing, yoga and WA beaches as they all engage me in the present moment just as the creative process of painting them does.”

In 2006 Joanna was invited to exhibit in Year 12 perspectives at AGWA and she has gone on to exhibit in numerous exhibitions, most recently her solo exhibition ‘Sense’ at Kidogo Art House in Fremantle.  Having completed her Bachelor of Fine Art at UWA in 2009, Joanna continues to develop her sight-size techniques to enhance her accuracy in capturing a person’s character and the momentum of the moving body. The sight-size method flourished in the 18th Century British Art School at the Royal Academy but today is only taught in a handful of small ateliers across Florence, Salisbury and Boston. Jo has travelled overseas to engage in this pursuit and we hope that the Bob and Trish Juniper Visual Art Prize will assist toward her continued investigations.