Jessica Lewis

2011 - Dance & Choreography - $5,000
Jessica Lewis

A worthy winner in  2011 is Jessica Lewis.

Jess spent her early years in Chidlow, attended Chidlow Primary and Eastern Hills Senior High School. Since graduating from WAAPA, Jess has pursued her interest in performance, choreography and improvisation. This has included a work in an alleyway (Unexpected Microclimates), a performance along the Blackwood River (Inhabitate), a duet involving a beanbag (Only Boring People are Bored) and a solo inspired by her mother (She Does Headstands).

Most recently, Jess co-founded the collective Unkempt Dance, along with Carly Armstrong and Amy Wiseman, and has choreographed and performed various developments of their major work Teahouse at the Adelaide Fringe Festival, Canberra Short and Sweet Festival (where they received the People’s Choice Award) and Perth’s STRUT Short Cuts. They will be presenting the final development of this work at Perth Fringe World in February 2012.

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