Jack Flanagan

2015 - Industrial Designer - $9,000

Jack Flanagan grew up in the Perth Hills and after studying engineering for a year, transferred to Industrial Design at the Central Institute of Technology in Perth. He had found his ‘calling’ and graduated in 2012.

Flanagan gained experience designing, prototyping and developing hospital equipment products for production, acoustic modules for theatres, materials handling equipment and occasional teaching at Central Institute of Technology.

Informing Jack’s work is the exploration of the concepts of attachment and permanence and the relationships that families and individuals forge with treasured objects that become the recorder and keeper of shared stories.

Jack embraces ancient and traditional techniques, like sand casting and turning, and materials like bronze, aluminium, timbers and the creation of unique colours and wood stains, paired with the latest manufacturing technology and materials for industrial scale.

His work is consistently selected by curators for exhibition around Australia and has been selected for exhibit at the London Design Festival on three separate occasions.

Flanagan currently works from a studio in the Perth Hills where he develops all of his work.  You can find out more about Jack at www.jackflanagan.com.au or click here to see him at work